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Verte - 30 sticks



Chlorella powder with prebiotic 


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  • Verte is a prebiotic dietary supplement. 


    It induces the growth of good intestinal bacteria, improves digestion and enhances absorption of nutrients; improves gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and bloating problems; promotes bowel movements and improves constipation.


    A good intestinal environment will give us smooth and glowing skin. A healthy gut equals a healthy body!


    Research has proven that adequate daily intake of prebiotics (5g) for 4 weeks will increase good bacteria by ten-fold.*


    *Bouhnik et al.”Prolonged administration of low-dose inulin stimulates the growth of bifodobacteria in humans”, Nutrition Research, 2007;27(4):187-193


    Intestinal ageing is due to the increase in bad bacteria


    The human gastrotestinal tract is home to some 500 species of good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria perform useful functions such as regulating the proper functioning of the gut, synthesis of vitamins and preventing the proliferation of bad bacteria.


    The decline of good bacteria levels in your colon


    The use of antibiotics, poor diet, stress and ageing will bring about the alteration of good and bad bacteria in our colon. An increase in bad bacteria can cause constipation and weaken the immune system.  Excessive bad bacteria can be harmful as they produce toxins, which is linked to bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).




    Chlorella Powder 1000mg, Oligosaccharides 4500mg



  • Adults: Once daily, 1 sachet mixed with 200ml cold or warm water. To be taken after food.