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About Us

Company History

Abeille d'Or was set up in Singapore, 1989. A year later in 1990, we expanded to Malaysia with Abeille d'Or Corporation. 

Our Vision

We believe in prevention is better than cure, and we actively promote health through natural food supplements.

What We Do

We have a strong belief that health is important and essential. Due to advances in technology and the never-ending addition of heavily processed foods everywhere, we cannot be sure of what we consume every day. We would also never expect the damage to our bodies from long term consumption. Even though medical science has evolved to a greater level too, the price of being treated has also gone up, with many people using up their life savings for treatment, recuperation and medication just to regain their health again.

We only give our best in promoting natural, top quality health supplements with high amount of nutrients. Abeille d’Or’s company philosophy is always to share about health and enjoyment in bringing people one step closer to health. Receiving our customers feedback on regaining health is our greatest motivation; we are fortunate for their continuous support that has strengthened and grown with the business for over three decades.

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Message from Founder

Journey to Health

In today's health-conscious society of today, more people are concerned about staying healthy and keeping young. They are constantly looking and trying out ways to achieve these two goals. However, many have been disappointed with the health food and nutritional products available on the market today. In spite of huge sums of money spent and energy wasted, exhaustion and ill health still plagues them, resulting in loss of zest and motivation in their lives.

Since 1989, I am determined to share a simple, personally tried and tested; more importantly an economical way to good health. Through this campaign, tens of thousands from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, regardless of their gender, race and age have benefited from Abeille d’Or Chlorella from Japan. It is indeed very rewarding for me to share and see them on the road to health.

I would like to express my gratitude to friends and customers for their continued support and trust in Abeille d’Or. In addition, I am greatly indebted to the Yakult Central Institute Japan and their nutritional experts for sharing their valuable research results and their knowledge of Chlorella which our company in turn passed on to the public through broadcasting, seminars, magazines and the press.

I have only one simple goal and that is to guide my friends and customers to excellent health through Abeille d’Or products.

President June Liao

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