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Green Kale FAQ

What is dextrin?

A processed starch product. It is used in Green Kale to make the powder soluble in water.

Is Green Kale Halal-certified?

Yes, Green Kale is certified by the Japan Halal Association.

Are there any pesticides or chemical fertilizers?

No pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used. Our contract farmers in Oita Prefecture put in time and effort into cultivation, including removing pests by hand. We use every part of the plant except the stems.

Is it alright to prepare in advance?

It is not recommended because no preservatives are used. Please consume as soon as possible after preparation. The quality of the powder remains stable if unopened. Once dissolved in water, the flavour may be lost and the quality may change depending on the storage conditions.

Why do the colour tone and taste vary sometimes?

The raw materials of kale are agricultural products. Their colour tone and taste may vary slightly depending on the growing season, weather and soil. Such variation is inevitable for the extract powder made from these products

Is it safe for children?

Yes, Green Kale is vegetable juice and it is as safe and a easy way to integrate into drinks or meals for children.

Can I mix it with warm water?

The powder may clump in warm water, which makes it less easy to drink. Try using room temperature water. We have confirmed that the nutrients listed on the label do not decrease in water up to 80 degrees Celsius when measured after 30 minutes. It can be enjoyed with milk, soya milk, yogurt, ice cream and juices.

Can I take more than the recommended amount?

It is alright to drink more than the recommended amount. However, the water-soluble dietary fiber in the product may cause soft stools. The quantity of intake should be increased gradually.

Green Kale : FAQ
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