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Chlorella FAQ

Is it suitable for children and pregnant women?

Indoor cultivated chlorella is pure and free from pollution and contamination. It is perfectly safe, hygienic and nutritious. It is best to start early as the unique component of CGF in chlorella helps to promote growth, brain development and enhances your immune system. Therefore it is safe and suitable to be consumed by children and pregnant women.

Can vegetarians and people on diet take Chlorella?

Of course! As their choices of food are limited, it is harder to get a well balanced diet, which may lead to anemia or loss of energy. These groups of people are advised to take indoor Chlorella sufficiently and regularly to achieve a nutritional balanced diet.

I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, can i consume Chlorella while on medication?

Yes, because the indoor cultivated Chlorella is a pure natural and non medicinal supplement and produces no side effects. It is best choice of nutritional supplements for those who are experiencing loss of appetite and those with nutritional gaps while on medication. In additional, the well balanced nutritious Chlorella increases one's immunity and restores health.

I always sleep late, am busy and have work-related pressure, feel tired and have difficulty concentrating and often have colds. Will Chlorella improve my body?

These are problems generally associated with an acidic body. The high alkalinity of Chlorella improves health conditions gradually. The high content of chlorophyll is effective in blood purification, detoxification and the rejuvenation process. Eventually, the clean and adequate blood will naturally bring nutrients and oxygen to the body and brain cells, and in turn enhance concentration.

Chlorella : FAQ
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